POINT 6: We are powerful and natural explorers from birth.

wpe8.gif (148408 bytes)Our survival depended upon being able to gather information and see patterns in chaotic and unpredictable surroundings.

The desire to explore never leaves us despite the classrooms and cubicles we are stuffed into. Babies are the model of how we learn—not by passive reaction to the environment but by active testing through observation, hypothesis, experiment, and conclusion. Babies methodically do experiments on objects, for example, to see what they will do.

Google takes to heart the power of exploration. For 20 percent of their time, employees may go where their mind asks them to go. The proof is in the bottom line: fully 50 percent of new products, including Gmail and Google News, came from “20 percent time.” - Dr. John Medina

Learn more about learning and exploration at the Brain Rules Web site.

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