American History Soundtrack

American Beginnings
 Columbus Lands in the New World
Cortez defeats the Aztecs

The English Colonies
Crossing the Atlantic
Sir Walter Raleigh and Queen Elizabeth I
The Spanish Armada and the Storm
John White gives up the search for the Roanoke colonists
Sir Walter Raleigh and "Bess" Throckmorton
John Smith leaves for England badly wounded
John Smith and Pocahontas (Memories remain...)
 The Reunion of John Smith and Pocahontas
John Smith and Pocahontas meet for one last time
The Death of Pocahontas 
The Grave of Pocahontas at Gravesend
Salem Witch Trials Intro
Tituba tells stories of the devil and sorcery
The Aftermath of the Salem Witch Trials - (Music only)

Ann Putnam: "The devil made me do it..."

The American Revolution
The French and Indian War
George Washington ambushes the French at Jumonville Glen
Stop! We are diplomats! (Ensign Jumonville)

Daniel Boone Guides Settlers over the Appalachians
The Sugar Act (Political Cartoon)
The Repeal of the Stamp Act
The Sons of Liberty (Tarring & Feathering)

Free America
The Boston Tea Party
Minutemen chase the Redcoats over the Old North Bridge
The Death of Dr. Joseph Warren (Bunker Hill)
Remembering Dr. Joseph Warren
As of this moment, we are the United States of America!
Too Late to Apologize (Declaration of Independence version)
Washington Crosses the Delaware
Battle of Trenton
George Washington speaks to the Continental Army at Trenton
George Washington rescues Hugh Mercer
The Death of Hugh Mercer
Benedict Arnold takes matters into his own hands (Saratoga)
The Battle of Saratoga
Baron Von Steuben trains the Continental Army at Valley Forge
Benjamin Franklin negotiates a treaty with France
Benedict Arnold secretly meets with John Andre and agrees to betray his country
Washington learns of Benedict Arnold's treason
Honoring Agent 355's sacrifice
George Rogers Clark and the Wild, Wild, West

George Rogers Clark still wipes the blood from his hands while accepting British surrender
John Paul Jones defeats the Serapis
The Battle of Yorktown I (Guns & Ships)
Hercules Mulligan
They cannot conquer an idea with an army.
The British are trapped at Yorktown
The bombardment of Yorktown
World Turned Upside Down
Washington resigns as Commander of the Continental Army

Forming a Government
Americans disagree about the best form of government

Gods, Heroes, or Humans?
Mobbing the Tories
Shays Rebellion
Gouverneur Morris out on the town
The Virginia Plan
The New Jersey Plan
Three Branches of Government (Flocabulary)
Alexander Hamilton is Non-Stop
Anonymous authors of the Federalist Papers...Publius?
We the People
Some states demand a bill of rights!
The Bill of Rights

Launching a New Nation 1800-1850
Thomas Jefferson witnesses George Washington's Inaugural Ball
Cabinet battle between Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton over the alliance with France
Alexander Hamilton meets Maria Reynolds
Cabinet battle between Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton over the National Bank
Adieu best of wives and best of women...
Eliza rushes to Alexander's side

The death of Phillip & Alexander Hamilton (in duels)

Missouri Compromise Rap l Lyrics
The Erie Canal
The Cumberland Road
Davy Crockett
Samuel Slater memorizes secret plans to recreate a British machine
Transportation Revolution
Navajo War Drums
"War is our only option." - Stephen F. Austin to the defenders of the Alamo
Jim Bowie and the Bowie Knife
Remember the Alamo!
The Seneca Falls Convention
James Marshall Finds Gold at Sutter's Mill - California Gold Rush
One tent on the Oregon Trail

Follow the Drinking Gourd
“God’s time is always near. He set the North Star in the heavens; He gave me the strength in my limbs; He meant I should be free.” - Harriet Tubman
John Brown kills five pro-slavery southerners in Kansas (Pottawatomie Massacre)
John Brown's Body

The Civil War
The Union controls the banks
The nation separates...and friends separate.
The Anaconda Plan
The Union plans to control the Mississippi
Confederate Blockade Runners
The Confederacy seeks help from Britain and France
Stonewall Jackson leads the Virginians at Bull Run
Colonel Lewis Armistead leads Pickett's charge in the Battle of Gettysburg
The Aftermath of Gettysburg - "My heart is like lead." - Abraham Lincoln
The Gettysburg Address
Lee vs. Grant 1864
Slaves cheer the arrival of William Tecumseh Sherman
The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
Peace at last!
The Death of Abraham Lincoln
"Now he belongs to the Ages."


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