Virtual Reality Models of American Historical Sites
To view these files, you must first download the PC Cortona VRML plug-in:   PC l Mac
Some files may require Unity Web Player.
South American Sites
Easter Island (Chile)
Mesoamerican Sites
Chichen Itza l Uaxactun l Sarcophagus Lid (Palenque) l Mayan Ruler l Tikal (3D Point Cloud)

Temple of Inscriptions (Palenque) l Temple of the Warrior (Chichen Itza) l Bonampak l Aztec City
 North American Sites
3D Indian Long House l Powhatan Village l Paspahegh (Powhatan) Village l Mesa Verde (3D Point Cloud)
Colonial American Sites
3D Virtual Liberty Bell l Tudor Place - George Washington's Familial Home (3D Point Cloud)
The Statue of Liberty (Paris, France)

Adventures in World History l Adventures in American History l Ancient Civilizations l World Civilizations l CyberMuseum
American Beginnings l The Colonies l French & Indian War l The American Revolution
Forming a Government l U.S. Presidents l Westward Bound l The Civil War
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